How Do I Renew Items?
Renewable Items: Books, Audio Media (CD’s and Audio Cassettes), Magazines, Puzzles. These items are renewable if there are no holds on them at renewal. They may be renewed online, by phone (352-357-5003) or by returning them to the library for an extension. Because overdue items are not renewable online, these extensions should be done no later than the due date. Renewals are done through the Catalog module (select the online catalog tab)

  1. Select the “My Account” option (near top right screen)
  2. Enter your Borrower ID and PIN
  3. Select the “Renew My Materials” option.
How do I Check My Account?
  1. Select the Catalog Tab
  2. Select the “My Account” option (near top right screen)
  3. Enter your Borrower ID and PIN
  4. Select the “Review My Account” option
How Do I Report a Lost or Stolen Borrower Card?
To prevent misuse of your borrower card, please visit or call the Library Circulation Desk (352-357-5003) to report it lost or stolen. Until the card is reported lost or stolen, borrowers are responsible for any card activity.
What is my Borrower ID?
The Borrower ID is the number sequence located under the barcode on your library card. If you do not have access to your card, you can use your Alternate ID number to access your account information online. The Alternate ID is the number used on your borrower card application (driver license or FL ID number, voter registration number, vehicle registration number or property tax ID number.
How Do I Get a PIN Number or Change My PIN?
Before a change of Personal Identification Number is possible, an original PIN is required. If you do not have one, please call the Library Circulation Desk (352-357-5003) for a reminder or to get one entered into the system. PIN changes are done through the Catalog module (select the online catalog tab):

  1. Select the “My Account” option (near top right screen)
  2. Enter your Borrower ID.
  3. Select the “User PIN Change” option.
  4. Enter and re-enter new PIN
How Do I Get Help with My Homework?
There are several options for homework help.The traditional way to get help with homework is to request help from Library Reference staff during an physical visit or by phone. There are other means of online homework support.

  1. Ask A Librarian” is a program provided through the Tampa Bay Library Consortium. The program provides Reference assistance to Florida residents, using library Reference staff across the state of Florida. Assistance comes in the form of virtual reference services through live chat and text messaging from 10 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday (ET), and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday (ET). Eustis Memorial Library participates in the “Ask A Librarian” program.
  2. Gale Online Databases are Reference resources provided to members with borrower cards. Members may access these resources in-house or from remote locations on a 24/7 basis. The gateway to these resources is available on this Website by clicking on the “Article Search” icon (page right). It is also available on the Website through the “Digital Resources” tab and the “Homework Help” tab under Kids and Teens.
How Do I return an e-book early?
Titles cannot be returned to the Magic Wall early. They automatically expire in 21 days unless they are checked out for shorter periods.
How do I check out e-books for short expiration periods?
Though the default checkout period is 21 days, if you choose the “Add to Checkout List” option instead of the “Checkout Now” option the service will allow you to reduce your checkout period to as few as two days.
How do I renew E-book titles?
Titles cannot be renewed, but they can be checked out again after they expire, if they are still available.
How do I learn more about downloading e-books?