Gift Book Program

a stack of three books tied together with a ribbon.

Memorial and Honor gift books are a lasting way to support local literacy while remembering special moments and lives well-lived.

As a member library of the Lake County Library System, your contribution to the Library will be appreciated not just by Eustis residents, but by all residents of Lake County.

  • Share a Memory: honor a loved one in a meaningful way with a Memorial gift book.

  • Share a Moment: commemorate anniversaries, big birthdays, favorite teachers, graduations, and other accomplishments with an Honor gift book.

The minimum suggested donation is $25, which covers both the book and processing costs.

A commemorative bookplate with the name of the person/organization/life event being recognized will be placed in each gift book.

Once the books are purchased, processed and available for checkout, a thank you card acknowledging your gift will be sent to the family or person being honored. Your gift book will then remain in the Library for the life of the book.

You’ll also be able to find your gift books in the Library catalog by searching for the name of the person being honored.

Ready to make your donation? Fill out the form below and we’ll email you the Gift Book Donation form!

Interested in contributing more than just books?

The Library gratefully accepts donations to fund special events and other Library projects. Please email us at to learn more.

Gift Book Database

YearHonoreeDonated ByType of Donation
1997Margaret McMillan PalmerJoan S. MitnikMemorial
1997Patricia Sapp Brennard, W. Russell Brown, Ellijo Davis, Thomas C. Fleming, Marlene Brainard Kirkland, John William Sanwald, Janet Osborn Souter & Donald Bennett StephensEustis High School Class of 1951Memorial
1997Arvilla Jessica EveringhamMarlene BlyeMemorial
1997Anna EggerWaterman Old Retired FolksMemorial
1997C.J. "Dick" AndersonBob & Ellen CrosbyMemorial
1997Mary Kathleen StephensRick & Elizabeth Shook; Joe, Jennifer, Justin & JeffreyMemorial
1997Edwin Wilson McLain, Jr.Pearl M. McLainMemorial
1997Anne DeFilippsJean McGuireMemorial
1997Isabel Johnson McLeodJean McGuireMemorial
1997Isabel Johnson McLeodJoan Shanor MitnikMemorial
1997Signe KlusmannThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
1997Claire B.L. DeboLillian SmithMemorial
1997Robb N. RompMrs. Vair E. SchneiderMemorial
1997Ellen Young DasherMrs. Vair E. SchneiderMemorial
1997Elsie BelcherRick & Elizabeth Shook; Joe, Jennifer, Justin & JeffreyMemorial
1997Katherine HortonLois KrausmanMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangMr. & Mrs. Fred Bassett, Jr.Memorial
1997Joseph F. LangPatricia & Gary LejaMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangBill & Margie LambMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangBobbie RisingerMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangLake Francis Estates Homeowner's AssociationMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangCharlotte & Del ElliottMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangGreg, Bridget, Christy & Kurt SlanakerMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangBetty Jo LawsonMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangMr. & Mrs. S. LitwinMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangMr. & Mrs. Charles W. SouthardMemorial
1997Beatrice AndersonMarilyn Brusie-CarpenterMemorial
1997Mary Magdalene OsbornAlice Osborn CalhounMemorial
1997Isabel Johnson McLeodCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
1997Carol Hancock IngramMary & Harry MatthewsMemorial
1997James MillerRichard & Lorraine GodfreyMemorial
1997James MillerGeorge & Eloise HeilerMemorial
1997Howard J. SickmannMrs. Vair E. SchneiderMemorial
1997James MillerBeverly & Duane ConawayMemorial
1997James MillerThe Backgammon GroupMemorial
1997James MillerDave & N.J. WhitingMemorial
1996John F. Walker, Sr.Anna Renee J. Coursen & FamilyMemorial
1996Margaret M. PalmerJean McGuireMemorial
1996Joseph HaughneyMr. & Mrs. Bob DubbsMemorial
1996Herbert A. ChianeseHelen M. ChianeseMemorial
1996Bill WeslingBeverly WeslingMemorial
1996Wayne H. MatthewsAnna L. MatthewsMemorial
1996Joseph F. SeaseJoAnne R. SeaseMemorial
1996Anne Gamble Walker RundleEustis Memorial Library StaffMemorial
1996Robert M. PalmerMr. & Mrs. Thomas BomboyMemorial
1996Nina McConnellCarol DaubMemorial
1996Noel E. Griffin, Sr.Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. StebbinsMemorial
1996Agnes E. LeightonLois J. KrausmanMemorial
1996Clarence "Butch" MabryMr. & Mrs. Wendell DavisMemorial
1996Andrew L. WattsRandall CadmanMemorial
1996Alida Catherine RiversCharles and Alice CalhounMemorial
1996Tyler RobinsonElise VeramakisMemorial
1996Frances N. HallLillian SmithMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonNancy E. Hall (Seattle, Washington)Memorial
1996Charles MachCarol J. KnieriemMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonAngeliki C. Hutchinson (Winchester, Virginia)Memorial
1996Ida & Sidney LoweMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonEloise FisherMemorial
1996Margaret M. PalmerEloise FisherMemorial
1996Francis Van de WaterJanice V. Johnson & Dorothy Van de WaterMemorial
1996Alice H. KimmonsAddie G. GarnerMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonMarlene BlyeMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonHelen & Thomas Brannagan (Nokesville, Virginia)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonRobert G. Hall (Napa, California)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonGainesville Mini Library Staff (Falls Church, Virginia)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonJudith A. Heininger (Woodbridge, Virginia)Memorial
1996Emily A. TetreaultKarl & Sueanne BuergerMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonDonald L. Wilson (Manassas, Virginia)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonBull Run Regional Library Staff (Manassas, Virginia)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonThe Staff of Central Community Library (Prince William Public Library System, VA)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonConnie & Stuart Gilman (Manassass, Virginia)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonLake Ridge Mini Library (Woodbridge, Virginia)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonPrince William County Employees Advisory Committee (Prince William, Virginia)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonChinn Park Regional Library Staff (Prince William, Virginia)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonIndependent Hill Mini Library (Manassas, Virginia)Memorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonMr. & Mrs. James R. MulhollandMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonMr. & Mrs. Robert R. RogersMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonJoan MitnikMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonJoan TaylorMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonNora J. HillMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonVair E. SchneiderMemorial
1996Katherine WheatonSusan Bingenheimer StewartMemorial
1996Katherine WheatonJean McGuireMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
1996Marjorie B. AveryLawrence J. SementoMemorial
1996Frank Lee Porter, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. William C. HawkinsMemorial
1996Erin StearmanEustis Chamber of Commerce; Public Works, City of EustisMemorial
1996Erin StearmanMr. & Mrs. E. Steven Benetz; Tim & Linda ScobieMemorial
1996Hazel Fern PateJames & Sylvia DygertMemorial
1996Katherine A. WheatonVirginia & Germaine SchlatherMemorial
1996Isabel Johnson McLeodKaren McLeod; William A LeHeupMemorial
1996Erin SteadmanConklin, Porter & Holmes Engineers; Bob & Jo Templin ; Alta Trask; City of TavaresMemorial
1996Frances N. HallJohn & Winifred KennedyMemorial
1996Katherine H. WheatonR.E., Naomi, Earl & Fred KennedyMemorial
1996Frances N. HallThe William A. Hall FamilyMemorial
1997Charles MachCarol J. KnieriemMemorial
1997James MillerHis Friends & NeighborsMemorial
1997James MillerPeggy & Lyle MitchelMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangMr. & Mrs. Cedric L. MastMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangThe Backgammon ClubMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangMike & Patty FlynnMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangWarren & Sally HowarthMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangDonald & Lois FlynnMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangStephen & Renee VerklanMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangTim & Susan WardleMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangSusan E. Hauer & Son MatthewMemorial
1997Lois McCormickMr. & Mrs. Thomas BomboyMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangJohn & Molly DrakeMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangBill & Mary DunphyMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangSanyo Fisher Company of CaliforniaMemorial
1997Esther SagerJanice & Randy GoodmanMemorial
1997Kathleen "K.B." GarrisonRaintree Books- Jo & Wendell DavisMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangOperations Dept. of Bob Evans RestaurantsMemorial
1997Alfred PappalardoRudy& Beverly DomazlickyMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangTom & Gloria PheneyMemorial
1997Alta Mae SeyboldEthyl Merritt GrovesMemorial
1997Alta Mae SeyboldCharlotte HoweMemorial
1997Joseph F. LangThe Staff of Hoag SurgicareMemorial
1997Jack E. PattersonLinda Patterson & FamilyMemorial
1997Scott BensonShane & Suzanne Matthews; Jason, Jordan MatthewsMemorial
1997Ila Bell BonnerMerry Jewelers, Inc. & FamiliesMemorial
1997Alton S. Palmer, Jr.Guy Merry FamilyMemorial
1997Laverne JensenSmiley, Judy Merry & FamilyMemorial
1997John M. RayburnGuy Merry FamilyMemorial
1997David Campbell CrileyJean McGuireMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsJ.C. Burke / Central Florida NurseryMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsDayton & Margie KurtzMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsJohn & Frances GwaltneyMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsPat BeatonMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsJim & Becky HallMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsTed & Lorraine CottonMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsMilla & Don ClarkMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsPat & Denny ShermerMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsC.C. & Mildred WilsonMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsAl & Susan WitekMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsHomer & Estelle ParisMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsSue CochranMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsBill & Virginia BoltonMemorial
1997Percy McCainDr. & Mrs. Gary WeinerMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsJustin SkipperMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsMr. & Mrs. William R. BoltonMemorial
1997William C. HawkinsWalter & Elaine MerkelMemorial
1997Lois B. SheldonJim & Judy MulhollandMemorial
1997William Perry Hawkins, Sr.Smiley Merry FamilyMemorial
1997Cleveland O'Neal, Sr.Janice & Randy GoodmanMemorial
1997Eleanor B. LouerLawrence J. SementoMemorial
1997Paul G. PfefferGuy Merry FamilyMemorial
1997Louise M. MikellGuy Merry FamilyMemorial
1998Betty BatesElinor CainMemorial
1998Katherine WheatonElinor CainMemorial
1998Betty BatesHelen DeScipioMemorial
1998Betty BatesFlora P. SpencerMemorial
1998Doris D. WhitfordR.E. & Naomi LundyMemorial
1998Marie Bolles WrightCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
1998Doris D. WhitfordBuford & Artie PughMemorial
1998Michael F, CarterLawrence J. SementoMemorial
1998Helen M. CrileyJean C. McGuireMemorial
1998James Patrick RileyThe Camp FamilyMemorial
1994Helen Coachman MillerMarlene BlyeMemorial
1994Willis V. McCallWilliam M. QuayleMemorial
1994Ray GatchBob & Dotty StebbinsMemorial
1994Richard S. SteffelMr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. SementoMemorial
1994Lucille C. HarperBob & Dotty StebbinsMemorial
1994Robert O. CannonJo & Wendell DavisMemorial
1994Charles E. HolderMorton D. AullsMemorial
1994Lawrence M. Herdegen, Jr.Morton D. AullsMemorial
1994Mrs. Esther RossAzalea Garden Club of EustisMemorial
1994Cleo Calhoun LarkinCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
1994Esther RossThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
1994Mary E. StahlCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
1994Evalyn J. DeNiesThe Woman's Club of Eustis; Lawrence J. SementoMemorial
1994Bertha P. BossAzalea Garden Club of EustisMemorial
1994Kathleen ParrinelloMichael ParrinelloMemorial
1994Christine M. AullsLillian Smith; John & Candace PeaseMemorial
1994Mary K. BlackAzalea Garden Club of EustisMemorial
1994Cecilia R. OllarBeorge & Betty BatesMemorial
1994Ada P. GriffinBelle & Charlie KennedyMemorial
1994Phebe SudlowBill & Gale SudlowMemorial
1994Christine M. AullsLewis W. Stone; Mr. & Mrs. R.G. CassadyMemorial
1994Cecelia R. OllarHelen C. MayekMemorial
1994Charles MachCarolyn J. KnieriemMemorial
1994Martha Eaton TibbitsGeorge & Betty BatesMemorial
1994Christine M. AullsAnn Huffstetler RouMemorial
1994William Henry YoungFransid Lee BrownMemorial
1994William "Gus" DelaporteGuy J. Merry FamilyMemorial
1994Francis M. Van de WaterJanice V. JohnsonMemorial
1994Lee Jerry "Zip" MillerThe Guy "Smiley" Merry FamilyMemorial
1994Frances M. Adkins, R.N.H.W. (Buck) & Vera DandridgeMemorial
1995W.B. "Brunt" CalhounCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
1995Martine D. GetfordThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
1995JonathanElizabeth DennisonMemorial
1995Janet Osborn SouterAlice Osborn CalhounMemorial
1995Wayne H. MatthewsAnna L. MatthewsMemorial
1995George S. SleySarah M. WilkersonMemorial
1995John Grider CarpenterThomas & Marilyn CarpenterMemorial
1995Helen M. SearlThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
1995Adelaide A. OrtonSusan BingenheimerMemorial
1995Adelaide A. OrtonJean McGuireMemorial
1995Nathan S. "Nat" McGarityBill & Carolyn HarperMemorial
1995Michael D. AllenGuy "Smiley" Merry FamilyMemorial
1995Walter MichaelLawrence & Sharron SementoMemorial
1995Joseph R. NunnRobert L. MillerMemorial
1995Frank MowryJoe & Carol DaubMemorial
1995Mary "Lib" HallenbeckWilliam D. Hallenbeck; Guy "Smiley" Merry FamilyMemorial
1995Mrs. Erma Lee ArmstrongRobert L. MillerMemorial
1995Ada P. GriffinErnest C. Aulls, Jr.Memorial
1995Nathan S. McGarityWinifred S. LangleyMemorial
1995Dr. & Mrs. E.C. AullsR.E. & Naomi LundyMemorial
1995Faye CarrollAmerican Legion Auxiliary, Ernest Westbrook Post No. 41, EustisMemorial
1995Arthur B. SmithLawrence J. SementoMemorial
1995Cecilia R. ollarElinor CainMemorial
1995France Van de WaterDorothy Van de Water; J. Alan & Janice JohnsonMemorial
1995Clara M. JonesLawrence J. SementoMemorial
1995Donald A. CrevelingLawrence J. SementoMemorial
1995Leighton BakerLawrence J. SementoMemorial
1995Maria HittGeorge & Betty BatesMemorial
1998Jean MarvinKay HawkinsMemorial
1998Jean MarvinMark & Marta HawkinsMemorial
1998Linda McCartneyCarol DaubMemorial
1998Susan TietzeJoe & Carol DaubMemorial
1998Dr. Josephine MartinJames A. MartinMemorial
1998Donald C. Ball, Jr.Mike, Claudia & Michael RussellMemorial
1998Jean C. DixonAnne P. Hestand, Joann McGee, Sandy Kist & Patty BuieMemorial
1998Tim HillHis MotherMemorial
1998John H. BennMr. & Mrs. Robert L. MillerMemorial
1998Frank & Mary BrusieMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
1998Leslie R. HuffstetlerJean McGuireMemorial
1998Milton GarciaEustis Memorial Library StaffMemorial
1998Virginia Britt LivingstonThe Davis Family: Doug Yount, Jo Henson & Family, Wendell & Jo, Anita Hardin & FamilyMemorial
1998Danny DennisRoyce & Charlotte ComptonMemorial
1998Helen M. CrileyJean McGuireMemorial
1998James R. MulhollandC. Clifford SheldonMemorial
1998James R. MulhollandCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
1998James R. MulhollandSmiley Merry FamilyMemorial
1998James R. MulhollandAnn W. MikellMemorial
1998Louise M. MikellAnn W. MikellMemorial
1998Jane Wood CadyAnn W. MikellMemorial
1998Ita Bell BonnerAnn W. MikellMemorial
1998Marion B. ReillyAnn W. MikellMemorial
1998Joyce GreenMr. & Mrs. J.W. DygertMemorial
1998Belle V. KennedyCharles KennedyMemorial
1998Gordon G. Oldham III, Esq.Morton D. AullsMemorial
1998James ConnagahnMr. & Mrs. Robert J. DubbsMemorial
1998Dr. Argin A. BoggusMorton D. AullsMemorial
1998Helen M. CrileyJean C. McGuireMemorial
1998Pearl Marie McLainThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
1999Ruth LockwoodJean McGuireMemorial
1999Heather YoungMr. & Mrs. Charles M. CalhounMemorial
1999Vivian M. BockGuy J. Merry FamilyMemorial
1999Lorraine CarpenterMarilyn & Thomas CarpenterMemorial
1999Hughie-Lee SmithMarlene V. BlyeMemorial
1999Robert A. GnospeliusThe Family of Robert A. GnospeliusMemorial
1999Hughie-Lee SmithGertrude CobbMemorial
1999Meg TraylorBarbara TraylorMemorial
1999Robert M. VettelJoe & Carol DaubMemorial
1999Ruth E. RiceCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
1999Acie LoperMr. & Mrs. Royce ComptonMemorial
1999Ruth E. RiceJoan Shanor MitnikMemorial
1999Bleeker B. WilkersonEmilie & Hannah PalmerMemorial
1999Denise A. RadaMorton D. AullsMemorial
1999William "Billy" AllenJane Leigh Lassiter; Marry Ann GreenMemorial
1999Ethel R. CagleRoyce & Charlotte ComptonMemorial
1999Roy E. BockThe Guy Merry FamilyMemorial
1999Walter J. HenningMr. & Mrs Frederick W. Yowler; Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph KirstMemorial
1999Roy E. BockWalter G. Bock & FamilyMemorial
1999Kevin NagleLawrence J. SementoMemorial
1999James SmithBob & Betty DubbsMemorial
1999Alice & Waite BrushMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
1999Hazel A. FlippoThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
1999Myra BowenWinifred S. LangleyMemorial
1999James W. DygertSylvia J. DygertMemorial
1999Jane B. LeonhardtJean McGuireMemorial
1999Jane B. LeonhardtCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
1999Mrs. Julia Hart GrahamMr. & Mrs. Robert L. MillerMemorial
2000TogoHis FamilyMemorial
2000Herman C. SteversonMorton D. AullsMemorial
2000Arthur W. ShulenbergerMr. & Mrs. Thomas BomboyMemorial
2000Paul G. PfefferGletchen P. NeedhamMemorial
2000Lillian MorganAngela PassmoreMemorial
2000Mary Elizabeth HarrisonAlice CalhounMemorial
2000Janice Mae FosterThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2000Dolores LenMrs. Patricia O. PierceMemorial
2000Dolores LenMr. & Mrs. J.W. SampsonMemorial
2000Dolores LenGuy Merry Family & Merry Jewelers, Inc.Memorial
2000Dolores LenWilliam J. & Ruth C. BurkleMemorial
2000Dolores LenJames M. Clower, Jr. & Sharyn K. ClowerMemorial
2000Dolores LenDr. & Mrs. Jose R. GonzalezMemorial
2000Dolores LenMcPhillips Motor Cars, Inc. (Winterfield Friends)Memorial
2000Dolores LenEustis Service LeagueMemorial
2000Dolores LenTriangle Shopping Guide CorporationMemorial
2000Dolores LenDoreen & Jim YobstMemorial
2000Dolores LenFred L. Belton & Olga BeltonMemorial
2000Dolores LenHarrison & Florine BigelowMemorial
2000Dolores LenGeneral Motors Acceptance CorporationMemorial
2000Dolores LenFirst Savings & Loan of Lake CountyMemorial
2000Dolores LenLloyd Buick-Cadillac-OldsmobileMemorial
2000Dolores LenRichard & Doris WaldbauerMemorial
2000Dolores LenAndrew & Virginia SteflMemorial
2000Dolores LenMr. & Mrs. James FisherMemorial
2000Dolores LenPhillips Buick-Pontiac-GMC, Inc.Memorial
2000Dolores LenBrooks, Wiley, Young, Padgett & Kleiser, PAMemorial
2000Dolores LenLeon L. & Shirley A. MartuchMemorial
2000Dolores LenGloria M. HolmMemorial
2000Dolores LenAlan W. & Jean M. OttMemorial
2001Katherine Atkisson CollinsJean C. McGuireMemorial
2001Dolores LenJames & Sharon Kennedy; James H. KennedyMemorial
2001Dolores LenMr. & Mrs. Donald J. OtwayMemorial
2001Dolores LenThomas Gilbert (General Motors Corp.)Memorial
2001Shirley OlmsteadThe Office of Lawrence J. SementoMemorial
2001Louis PorterMorton D. AullsMemorial
2001William ButlerJean C. McGuireMemorial
2001Robert NackeStone & Gergen, P.A.Memorial
2001Vair Elizabeth SchneiderRick & Elizabeth Shook; Mr. & Mrs. Charles CashMemorial
2001Jeff RileyMorton D. AullsMemorial
2001Norman WilliamsEustis Service LeagueMemorial
2001Janet St. LouisEustis Service LeagueMemorial
2001Noel F. CampbellJean C. McGuireMemorial
2001William H. MullerLarry, Sharon & kara SementoMemorial
2001Virginia L. SalletMr. Robert L. MillerMemorial
2001Walter ErbenEustis Memorial Library StaffMemorial
2001H. James Simpson, Jr.Morton D. AullsMemorial
2001Robert B. CrosbyJames & Carolyn KennedyMemorial
2001Robert B. CrosbyR.M. "Bob" Bronson & Mary Lou BronsonMemorial
2001Allie LippincottSpence & Sandy Ferry; Becky & Tony Gamm-LoboMemorial
2001Allie LippincottMr. & Mrs. Charles E. YokoMemorial
2001Robert B. CrosbyBill & Penny ZellerMemorial
2001Robert B. CrosbyClara, Bob & Jackie BechtolMemorial
2001Aurelia C. LazearRobert A. Stebbins & Dorothy D. StebbinsMemorial
2001Robert B. CrosbyMrs. Bessie WoodMemorial
2001Clarence C. OsbornAlice Osborn Calhoun, His DaughterMemorial
2001Lila B. MabryWendell & Jo Davis & Family; Gary & Jo HensonMemorial
2001Ruth FranzenThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2001Ansil D. Miller, Jr.Robert A. StebbinsMemorial
2001Walter ErbenSaura Bundy & Mason SorensonMemorial
2021Sissie DavisJenny Lou WebsterMemorial
2021Sissie DavisFaculty & Staff of Brookstone SchoolMemorial
2021Marilyn "Sissie" DavisGreg & Diane RohnMemorial
2021Marilyn DavisBernadette & Joseph StockingMemorial
2021Sissie DavisSharman DrydenMemorial
2002Lila MabryThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2002Jarold ClarkCeleste Bringard & FamilyMemorial
2002Lorrine T. ReteyMr. & Mrs. Robert TaylorMemorial
2002Ruth FranzenAlice CalhounMemorial
2002Walter ErbenDonna E. BlackbrunMemorial
2002Richard B. StanleyCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
2002Marie Anges TruaxThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2002Frank A. ConodGuy MerryMemorial
2002Dora Mae ThornburgGary & Jo HensonMemorial
2002T.W. "Gator" ThompsonSteven Benetz & Jack L. HammondMemorial
2002T.W. "Gator" ThompsonKyleen FischerMemorial
2002David BoggusMorton D. AullsMemorial
2002Ross E. Van DellenGuy "Smiley" Merry & FamilyMemorial
2002Steven MooreLarry, Sharron & lara SementoMemorial
2002Marie Lane RogersPaula Alger; John & Erika WilliamsMemorial
2002Marie Lane RogersRobert D & Barbara A. BishopMemorial
2002Marie Lane RogersHenry A. (Hank) RaupMemorial
2002Marie Lane RogersJames A. & Jean Tombow; Sherrie & Stan Paskiet; Shelley Thomas; Kent & Joan Tombow; Kari & Phil WhisenantMemorial
2002Marie Lane RogersC. James & Elizabeth W. HipplerMemorial
2002Marie Lane RogersRobert RogersMemorial
2002Marie Lane RogersDouglas & Cappi NelsonMemorial
2002Walter ErbenLaura Bundy & Mason SorensonMemorial
2002Minnie M. SappReuben Bowie, Vivian McDuffie & Marlene BlyeMemorial
2002Walter ErbenMary Ann Ward & Donna BlackburnMemorial
2002Ruth CadyCharles & Alice CalhounMemorial
2002Ruth CadyFrances Jerrome & Family; Curt & Cece Jerrome; Charles & Marriane Jerrome; Albert & Jenny Muldrew; Karl & Charlene WiseMemorial
2002Wendell & Helena TownsendAnn Huffstetler RouMemorial
2002Jim HipplerRoyce & Charlotte ComptonMemorial
2002George R. JohnsenJennifer CoddingMemorial
2002Ruth CadyEllen MattisonMemorial
2002Nancy Horton"The Lunch Bunch"Memorial
2002Izetta C. KoonceThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2002Minnie M. SappReuben Bowie, Vivian McDuffie & Marlene BlyeMemorial
2002Nancy F. HortonEthyl M. GrovesMemorial
2002Richard T. "Dick" MullinsGuy "Smiley" MerryMemorial
2002Joy K. LaneRobert A. StebbinsMemorial
2002Joan (Jo) HenningThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2002Michael Lewis MartinGuy (Smiley) Merry & FamilyMemorial
2002Mary BufordThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2002Marjorie ToddRev. William M. Towery & Joan L. ToweryMemorial
2003Mark BuscoRoyce & Charlotte Compton; Judy JohnsonMemorial
2003Emily Louise Martin SpoffordJudy HornerMemorial
2003Robert Evan BryantMarlene V. BlyeMemorial
2003Anne MatthewsThe Infamous Burger King Coffee GroupMemorial
2003Eugene W. BoylstonMorton D. AullsMemorial
2003Dianne LongAmanda HarryMemorial
2003Marcia MorganMort, Mary Jane, Ashley, Balton & Amanda AullsMemorial
2003Ruth McLarneyThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2003Margaret L. VettelMr. & Mrs. Joseph DaubMemorial
2003Toni WittRobert & Helen KomnickMemorial
2003Darlene CampThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2003Lillian Fuqua HerdegenMorton D. AullsMemorial
2003Macie J. RoaneLouis Stone of Stone & Gerken, P.A.Memorial
2004Eloise SopocyMartin SopocyMemorial
2004Aunt Neove ChainThe Popieski FamilyMemorial
2004Margaret D. MurphyThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2004Walter ErbenRBC Dain RauscherMemorial
2004Heather Ann SprakerBarbara WillisMemorial
2004Alan Robert WellsJohn & Celeste Bringard & FamilyMemorial
2004James H. Morrison, Jr.Guy "Smiley" MerryMemorial
2004Philip E. ThurmanGuy "Smiley" Merry & Family & Merry Jewelers, Inc.Memorial
2004Frank DeScipioHelen DeScipioMemorial
2004John & Betty, Who Loved BooksA FriendMemorial
2004Albert L. MouldenEvelyn & Johnny SmithMemorial
2004Baby SwensonJohn & Celeste Bringard & FamilyMemorial
2004Roger A. GetfordEustis High School Class of 1952Memorial
2004Genevieve S. HallockMr. & Mrs. Richard ProsserMemorial
2004Opal Trask RichmondMr. & Mrs. Robert J. TemplinMemorial
2004Opal Trask RichmondMs. Alta C. TraskMemorial
2004Muriel WhitemanThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2004Lois RogersMorton D. AullsMemorial
2004Myra HuffstetlerJean McGuireMemorial
2004John & Betty, Who Loved BooksA FriendMemorial
2004Myra HuffstetlerThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2004Laurabel FerranMorton D. AullsMemorial
2004Thomas J. KellyJennifer CoddingMemorial
2004Carol Kulianas SephakisRoyce & Charlotte Compton; Glorid & Frank LaFleurMemorial
2004William AlmandMorton D. AullsMemorial
2004Walter ErbenLaura & Mason SorensonMemorial
2004Bernice BrusieMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
Laurabelle FerranGuy (Smiley) MerryMemorial
Dorothy ShrinerMorton D. AullsMemorial
Louise Elliott Hills SeabrookMorton D. AullsMemorial
James Allen PippinThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
John B. (Jack) Kirkpatrick, Jr.Nannie F. Kirkpatrick (His Wife)Memorial
Sherrill TessierThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
Genevieve HallockJohn W. Hershey & Geraldine M. RochettMemorial
Genevieve HallockPeter C. HallockMemorial
Genevieve HallockCarol Prime DuboisMemorial
Genevieve HallockAlbert H. Meyer & Bonnie Rae MeyerMemorial
Genevieve HallockJessica BehrmanMemorial
Genevieve HallockSylvia H. Hershey & Albert H. MeyerMemorial
Genevieve HallockDiane E. & Dean SalmanMemorial
Frederick W. YowlerPauline YowlerMemorial
Roy WalkerMorton D. AullsMemorial
Onorina "Onnie" ThompsonThe Early Childhood Education at the Lake Technical CenterMemorial
Lucile ReuleRoyce & Charlotte ComptonMemorial
Charlotte HoweEthyl GrovesMemorial
Charlotte HoweNaomi LundyMemorial
Marjorie MuttonRobert Breitbard & The Florida Adult ESOL Practitioners Task ForceMemorial
Marjorie MuttonDr. Debra L. HargroveMemorial
Marjorie MuttonAlice & Tony LagosMemorial
Marjorie MuttonDr. & Mrs. George E. Spencer, Jr.Memorial
Marjorie MuttonBob & Susan KennedyMemorial
Bernice BrusieMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
Marjorie MuttonPeter ButzinMemorial
Edward SmithMr. & Mrs. Robert J. DubbsMemorial
Ola Mae Sawyer Hampton O'BrienKathy KreigsmanMemorial
Rev. Tommy ParkerRoyce & Charlotte Compton; Jim & Hazel StonekingMemorial
Mac StaleySmiley Merry FamilyMemorial
Bessie T. Haynes & George A. HaynesGuy "Smiley" MerryMemorial
Thomas G. CarpenterMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
Paul & Marge BockTom BockMemorial
Helen Lynch RebelJean L. DearingMemorial
Amelia S. RaynackMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
Jeanne T. TimmonsThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
Adelaide RobertsMorton D. AullsMemorial
Frederick A. YowlerPauline YowlerMemorial
Walter S. "Buddy" McLin, IIIMorton D. AullsMemorial
Edna Lucille AldrichThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
Bernice BrusieMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
Myrtle Edwina Getford KirklandThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
Myrtle Edwina Getford KirklandPaula J. StinsonMemorial
Lucille E. AldrichGuy "Smiley" Merry & Judy MerryMemorial
Nancy BakerThe Alcorns & Willie WellsMemorial
Amelia S. RaynackMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
Thomas G. CarpenterMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
Graham LuptonMort Aulls & Kathy DillingerMemorial
Verna Miller (Mother of Kevin)Power Technology Southeast, Inc.Memorial
Mack Staley (A Great Golfer) and for His Family: Linda, Ben & DanneyGuy "Smiley" Merry & FamilyMemorial
Edwin ReesAnnette ReesMemorial
William Royce ComptonRichard, Jeri & Mark McKibbinMemorial
Royce ComptonJudy JohnsonMemorial
Robert L. "Bob" BarthMort AullsMemorial
Donald B. RobinsonWilliam T. RobertsonMemorial
Macie Jackson RoaneAlton RoaneMemorial
Amelia S. RaynakMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
Wayne MillerRita McLaughlinMemorial
Thomas G. CarpenterMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
David WeilandRita McLaughlinMemorial
2011Thomas G. CarpenterMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2011Dr. Charles K. CartwrightMorton D. AullsMemorial
2011John Chase BradleyDoreen A. GautierMemorial
2011Jessie Getford KirklandThe Woman's Club of EustisMemorial
2011Adelaide Dolan HatfieldMorton D. AullsMemorial
2011Patricia WrightMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2011Sally S. MillerMorton D. AullsMemorial
2011Malcolm McCallMorton D. AullsMemorial
2011Richard BrushMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2011Judge Richard BoylstonMorton D. AullsMemorial
2012Rob GrillSharron & Larry SementoMemorial
2012Jack StearmanDiane FogginMemorial
2012Robert & Marie RogersRex RogersMemorial
2012Rudolph James BrusieMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2012My Beautiful AlexDolores CreightonMemorial
2012Cynthia L. SullivanMorton D. AullsMemorial
2012Marta D. LeeJerry & Heidi HuntMemorial
2012Effie MessenbrinkEthyl GrovesMemorial
2012Lena O. JenkinsThe Eustis Book ClubMemorial
2012Harry SharpeMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2013Joyce W. "Judy" MulhollandEustis High School Class of 1965Memorial
2013Suzanne SeabrookMort AullsMemorial
2013William Andrew TaylorMort AullsMemorial
2013Louise WrightMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2013Roger Ellis OsborneMort AullsMemorial
2014Rudolph James BrusieMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2014Ruth Harris DeanHer Friends in EducationMemorial
2014Walter ErbenMason & Laura SorensonMemorial
2014Ralph LucasSherry LambertMemorial
2014Mary BrusieMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2014Sylvia "Sue" DygertAlan & Ruth KylerMemorial
2014Ann Carlton JohnsonMort AullsMemorial
2014Elting Warren BrusieMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2014Mary Louise "Mickey" HodgesFred & Fannie Messac; The Trent Messer FamilyMemorial
2014Jeanne Choate Ferran HarrisonMort AullsMemorial
2015Bryan G. "Sonny" Anderson, Jr.Mort AullsMemorial
2015Jane Robinson HartgeDick & Bonny ShirkMemorial
2015David H. WilliamsGerald & Heidi HuntMemorial
2015Robert Lee CollinsMort AullsMemorial
2015Roberta GockenMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2015Richard "Dick" MasseyThe Aulls FamilyMemorial
2015Ashley Lynn OrtizSharron SementoMemorial
2015Guy "Smiley" MerryMike & Allyn StearmanMemorial
2016Guy "Smiley" MerrySharron SementoMemorial
2016Joan I. WilliamsGerald & Heidi HuntMemorial
2016Robert BiglinGerald & Heidi HuntMemorial
2017C. Welborn DanielMort AullsMemorial
2017Ernest BushMarilyn CarpenterMemorial
2017Judith Lynn "Jude" SargnetiDiane NicksMemorial
2017Doerr Wendell DavisJeraldine GreyMemorial
2017William A. "Bill" LeHeupEustis Memorial Library Staff; Eustis Library FoundationMemorial
2017William A. "Bill" LeHeupMort AullsMemorial
2017William A. "Bill" LeHeupMarianne B. ShermanMemorial
2017William A. "Bill" LeHeupMr. & Mrs. Ronald NeibertMemorial
2017William A. "Bill" LeHeupNaomi LundyMemorial
2018Pauline YowlerSharron SementoMemorial
2018Geraldine H. "Jeri" KerrMort AullsMemorial
2018James W. "Jim" RileyMort AullsMemorial
2018Arthur Thomas BlundellMort AullsMemorial
2018Stuart CottrellKevin & Carrie CottrellMemorial
2018Joretta A. Tackett, Who Kindly Cared for Feral CatsThe Cottrell Kids (Duncan, Stuart- In Memory Of; Sally, Leigh & Kevin)Memorial
2018Judge John W. BoothMort D. AullsMemorial
2018Garrett ShawJade PiearsonMemorial
2019Mary L. JohnsonMort D. AullsMemorial
2019Carla Gnann-ThompsonSharron SementoMemorial
2019H. Jean Laney, Jr.Susan LaneyMemorial
2020Alice O. CalhounCharles M. CalhounMemorial
2020Mildred Ward FettibeneJack & Camille WilsonMemorial
2020Jack HammondEustis Memorial Library StaffMemorial
2020Elaine WarfieldEustis High School Class of 1965Memorial
2021Leesburg Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.Debra DabneyHonor
2021Sissie DavisAnn Huffstetler Rou Family TrustMemorial
2021Marilyn "Sissie" DavisDoug ClarkMemorial
2021Emma MautoneCarla A. BaroneMemorial
2021A Gift to the LibraryMark & Marie YeagerHonor
2021Rev. Charles Erwin MoseMorton D. AullsMemorial
2021Elizabeth A. & John P. BarnicleMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021Patrick J. & Mary. W. BarnicleMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021Martin & Shirley S. BarnicleMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021Fred L. & Patricia C. PercivalMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021James J. & Patricia D. NolanMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021Robert & Helen B. CloughMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021Mary Elizabeth RushMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021James & Katherine L. NolanMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021Edmund & Eileen N. NearyMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021Raymond & Nora B. JonesMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021Sandra BouchardMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2021Sally HoganMargaret Barnicle & Fred PercivalMemorial
2022Doria Jean RawsonGloria Fortunato.Memorial
2022Jill WarrenSharron SementoMemorial
2022Madelain MingonetMary MiteniusMemorial
2022Derek PymerMary MiteniusMemorial
2023Marjorie CollierCathy HilderbrandtMemorial