Local History

Eustis has several unique historical collections.  They are available at the library.

Vertical Files
File Name (People)Collection NameCity of Eustis TagCategory
Aber, GeorgeVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Aber, Harold WymanVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Adams, BenjaminVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Alcott, Ada & CharlesVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Ambach, JohnVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Amborio, Joseph C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Andrus, Samuel SVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Asher, FrancesVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Ashmore, J.R.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Badger RalphVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bagg, CharlieVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bainter, StanVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Baker CareyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Baker, William BennettVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Banks, Edgar JamesVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Barnett DaveVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Barto, Tzimon (2)Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Bates, ElijahVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Benton, JohnVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bennett, GwendolynVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bisbee, RomeoVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bishop, Clayton P. (2)Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Bishop, Henry W.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Bishop, M. PriscillaVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bishop, Mabel (Mary Belle)Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Bishop, WalterVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Blanchard, ElizabethVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Blye, James PVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bob, LindaVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bob, TheodisVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bowron, KeithVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Brazzell, JamesVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Brett, BillVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Brewster, Marcus EliVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Brisbain, RomeoVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Britt, Raymond KVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Brown, Edward H.DVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Brown, HenryVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Bruce, AnnetteVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Burkett,BeauVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Burnett, JoeVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Burrell, Eugene J.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Butler, LynchVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Cadman, RandallVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Caldwell, David J.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Cartwright, WilliamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Chapman, Samuel H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Chase, CoraVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Childs, C.A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Choate, EdwardVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Chorosinski, Eugene C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Church, George W.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Church, WilliamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Clifford, Guilford DavidVerticle Files (people)00001015People, Founder,
Coffman, DavidVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Cole, O.KVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Conklin, Carroll C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Cox, GeorgeVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Cushing, JacksonVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Dandridge, Harry W.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Davis, GeorgeVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Dawson, ArthurVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Denslow, David A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Dewey, Byrd SpilmanVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Dibble, W.E.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Dillard Jr., BarneyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Dillard, WarnerVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Dowler, GeorgeVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Dykes, George J.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Edson, Milan C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Eichelberger, JanieVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Eichelberger, JoeVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Eustis, AbrahamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Fahnestock, AlbertVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Fashow,JohnVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Feigin, H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Ferran, Carl L.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Ferran, Rev. C. H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Ferran, Edgar L.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Ferran, Harry A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Ferran, Harry L.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Ferran, H. RayVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Findlay, Thomas A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Fowler, Billy L.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Frary, William R.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Frost, Horace W.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Gamble, HowardVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Gardner, Joseph B.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Gaylord, Harry E.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Getch, Dr. W.A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Getford Jr., Roger A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Gnann-Thompson, CarlaVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Gottsche, AugustusVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Grant, Rev. James V.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Gray, TiffanyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Green, William RonaldVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Gumz, BobVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Gypsum, PhilipVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Hale, Jonnie C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Ham, Wiiliam O.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Hammond, Jack L.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Hannah, Harry C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Hannum, Dr. M. M.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Hanson, CatherineVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Harland, Stewart M.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Harris, S.L.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Hart, A.CVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Haselton, T. StinVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Hawkins, SamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Hayes, MyronVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Hazzard, Joseph Dev.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Henry, William P.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Herrick, DanielVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Herrick, L.N.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Hill, A. HewittVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Hippler, C. HaroldVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Holland, MichaelVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Holmes, G.W.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Holtzclaw, RachelVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Hore, EdwardVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Horton, E.M.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
House, ArthurVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Huffstetter, FamilyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Hughes, CindyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Huskey, E. EveretteVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Hutchings, GuyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Igou, DouglasVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Igou, WilliamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Isaacs, PhilipVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Isler, Erastus Roudal Phus (Joe)Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Isted, CharlesVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Isted, H. FrankVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Ivey Sr., William ThorburnVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Jackson, AlvinVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Johnson, Rev. David T.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Johnson, DavidVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Keene, R.D.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Kennedy, I.N.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Key, Henry H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Keys, Irvin M.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Key, Arthur D.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Keys, Thomas CorwinVerticle Files (people)00001015People
King, Emory F.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Kinser, Benton MartinVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Kirk, James S.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
LeHeup-Smith, KarenVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Klemmer, HarveyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Knupp, George E.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Koonce, Judge J.C.B.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Kreigsman, Reinat F.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Lanes, John S.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Laroe, FamilyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Lefall Jr., Lesalle D.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Leer, HowardVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Lee-Smith, Hughie (2)Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Lemon, ChetVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Leppig, LenaVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Livingston, LouiseVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Lloyd, SabrinaVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Loper, Charles P.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Lowe, EugeneVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Ludecke, CarlVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Ludecke, KristinVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Lupton, GrahamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Macdonald, John A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Mackey, ClarindaVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Manning, GwendolynVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Mantey, KarlVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Margary, Herbert W.O.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Marose, RonVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Martin, PhyllisVerticle Files (people)00001015People
McCalll, Willis V.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
McClelland, W.S.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
McDonough, Alan J.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
McGarity, Betty Ferran-Verticle Files (people)00001015People
McKay, Herbert C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
McKinley, James H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
McTier, Solomon (2)Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Merry, Guy 'Smiley'Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Miller, A.D.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Miller, AnsilVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Miller, EstherVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Miller, Harry R.P.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Miner, George F.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Mingonet, A.J.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Mitchell, CarlaVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Molloy, John T.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Moore, WilliamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Mulholland, Frank L.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
McClary, ThomasVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Mumaw, BartonVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Morin, P.P.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Mutton, MarjorieVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Nashville, PlummerVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Neibert, RonaldVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Newell, Charles H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Nichols, John D.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Nixon, Walter N.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Norton, GouldVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Oliver, GeorgeVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Oliver, KeithVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Osborn, Daniel C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Osbourne, C.Z.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Osmolski, John CarlVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Owens, Frank E.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Owens, James MarionVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Palmer, ClaraVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Pendry, A.S.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Pendleton, Rev. KentVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Pendleton, William K.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Pierce, George A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Pinkney, S.T.E.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Pinkney, J.S.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Platt Historical Ref.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Poe, BookerVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Poe, Rev. WilliamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Poole, T.H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Porter, B.G.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Potter, HiramVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Porter, DonaldVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Potter, James H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Power, Samuel H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Prioleau, PhilipVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Purdy, John R.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Quimby, OrlandoVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Ramsay, Leslie MacNuttVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Raymond, Francis D.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Rebel, HelenVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Rebel, MichaelVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Reed, Dr. F.A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Reese, BurrellVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Rehrer, Erasmus G.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Rhodes, William M. "Billy"Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Ringer, RickyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Ringling, HenryVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Rios, TravisVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Risinger, LeviVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Roberts, AdelaideVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Rotella, James T.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Rotz, Jeffrey A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Royals, HomerVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Royce, Frank E.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Rudd, CharlesVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Rupe, JessicaVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Sage, John HoadlyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
St. John, J.F.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Savage, E.M.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Saunders, Allen K.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Savage, Frank W.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Schmidt, WilliamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Schneider, RudyVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Schrieffer, John R.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Seacole, JohnVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Sharp, Frank B.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Shaw, C.E.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Shaw, Edna LaneVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Shawn, TedVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Simmons, Captain T.H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Simmons Jr., Walter T.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Smith, Arthur G.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Smith, Charles T.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Smith, EvelynVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Smith, Harold R.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Smock, Florence (Healthiest Girl Award)Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Smock, FlorenceVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Smith, John B.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Smith, John H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Somerville, WilliamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Spinney, E.NVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Stearman, Michael G.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Stebbins, Frank W.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Steeb, JohnVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Stockwell, CatherineVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Story, AlfredVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Story, LutherVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Stuart, Alexander C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Summerall, Charles P.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Swingle, Walter T.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Taylor, Laurie J.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Taylor, Lottie CliffordVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Taylor, Moses J.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Terrill, WilliamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Thomas, Lem M.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Timmons, GrantVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Timmons, Jeanne T.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Titcomb, FlorenceVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Trask, AltaVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Vogt, Benjamin H.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Vogt, Louis C.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Wade, EliVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Walker, DavidVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Walker, Roy M.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Walker, S.S.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Waterman, Frank D.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Watts, HiramVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Weaver, GeorgeVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Webb, James T.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Webber, Herbert J.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Westbrook, James T.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Weston, Milton J.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Wheeler, John B.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Whitney, Newton L.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Wilson, RobertVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Wolverton, WilliamVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Wood, HendersonVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Woodward, Fredrick S.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Woodward, George A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Woodward, Theo E.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Worthman, HarryVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Wright, Albert D.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Wyman, Alfred A.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Ziegengiest, MaryVerticle Files (people)00001015People
Zinck, Dr. Charles F.Verticle Files (people)00001015People
Eustis Celebrities (National)
Eustis Businesses (All)Vericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Acie's BarbershopVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Acme Sand CompanyVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Auto Inn Service StationVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Bay PharmacyVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Bernice ShopVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Bloch's Dept. StoreVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Bronson HardwareVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Butler Electric CompanyVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Church's Jewelry StoreVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Colonial TavernVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
DreamboatVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
DreamspinnerVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Eustis Church of GodVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Eustis Celebrities, localVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Ferran's Department StoreVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Ferran's GrillVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
First State BankVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Green TileVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Harper's Clothing StoreVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Ice FactoriesVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
W.M. Igou, INC.Vericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Jefferis AutomotiveVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
King's Taste BarbequeVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Lake Hills PlazaVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Lake Mechanical ContractorsVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Mac's Variety StoreVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Magnolia Antique MallVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
McCulloch's RestaurantVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Mercer PlasticsVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Merry JewelersVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Miller HardwareVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
NewspapersVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Old South Stained Glass CompanyVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Palm PharmacyVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Pearl FloristVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
WeevilsVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Schneider's CreameryVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Russell'sVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Story BrosVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Sunbeam GroceryVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Thee Enchanted SanctuaryVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Thompson FurnitureVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Village StoreVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Wallace Service StationVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
Whitford AppliancesVericle Files (Establishments)2712419AEstablishment
BikeFestVerticle Files (Events)2712419Aevents
Cookbook TastinVerticle Files (Events)2712419Aevents
July FourthVerticle Files (Events)2712419Aevents
Lake Eustis Fine Arts FestivalVerticle Files (Events)2712419Aevents
Washington's BirthdayVerticle Files (Events)2712419Aevents
Washington's Birthday FestivalVerticle Files (Events)2712419Aevents
Events MiscellaneousVerticle Files (Events)2712419Aevents
News ReleaseVerticle Files (Events)2712419Aevents
Eustis ChurchesVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
Bay Street Baptist ChurchVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
Calvary Baptist ChurchVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
Christian Science ChurchVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
Church of the Kingdom ChurchVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
First Baptist Church of EustisVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
First Church of Christ ChristiansVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
First Church of GodVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
First Presbyterian ChurchVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
First United Methodist ChurchVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
Friendship Missionary Baptist ChurchVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
St. Mary of the LakesVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
St. Thomas ChurchVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
Gethsemane Missionary Baptist ChurchVerticle Files (churches)2712419AChurches
All States Tourist ClubVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
Eustis Art LeagueVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
FL Eustis Boys Band 1925-1933Verticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
Eastern StarVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
Eustis Garden ClubVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
B.P.O.E. Eustis Lodge No. 1578Verticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
Kiwanis ClubVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
Lions ClubVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
MasonsVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
Eustis Moose LodgeVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
Rotary Club of EustisVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
Eustis African AmericansVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
African American HeritageVerticle Files (Clubs/Orgs)2712419AClubs and Organizations
Eustis Memorial Library HistoryVerticle Files (Government)2712419AGovernment
Eustis History (General)Verticle Files (Government)2712419AGovernment
Eustis ElectionsVerticle Files (Government)2712419AGovernment
Eustis Fire DepartmentVerticle Files (Government)2712419AGovernment
Police DepartmentVerticle Files (Government)2712419AGovernment
Post OfficeVerticle Files (Government)2712419AGovernment
Water WorksVerticle Files (Government)2712419AGovernment
Colonial Inn MotelVerticle Files (Hotels)2712419AHotels
Eustis HouseVerticle Files (Hotels)2712419AHotels
Eustis MotelVerticle Files (Hotels)2712419AHotels
Fountain InnVerticle Files (Hotels)2712419AHotels
Grand View HotelVerticle Files (Hotels)2712419AHotels
Huskey Villa MotelVerticle Files (Hotels)2712419AHotels
Lake Shore AcresVerticle Files (Hotels)2712419AHotels
The OaksVerticle Files (Hotels)2712419AHotels
St. George CottageVerticle Files (Hotels)2712419AHotels
File Name (Places)Collection NameCity of Eustis Tag
Ace TheatreVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Eustis Alice McClelland Memorial Band ShellVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
American Legion HallVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
ArmoryVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Bay Street TheatreVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Eustis Gun ClubVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Eustis Historical Museum (Clifford Taylor House)Verticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Greenwood CemeteryVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Florida Hospital WatermanVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Historic DistrictVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Eustis-Ferran ParkVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Lake County Country ClubVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Lake Eustis Mus. Of ArtVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Mount Olive CemetryVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Ocklawaha HotelVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
The PalmsVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
State TheaterVerticle Files (Places)2712419APlaces
Lake County FairVerticle Files (Lake County)2712419ALake County
FL Fort MasonVerticle Files (Lake County)2712419ALake County
Ghost TownsVerticle Files (Lake County)2712419ALake County
Groveland FourVerticle Files (Lake County)2712419ALake County
HistoryVerticle Files (Lake County)2712419ALake County
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Eustis High School BandVerticle Files (Schools)2712419Aschools
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Eustis Song (c.1911)Verticle Files (MISC)2712419Amisc
Eustis Island SurveyVerticle Files (MISC)2712419Amisc
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Obituary Index
The Library has a print index to the obituaries in the issues of the Eustis newspapers the library owns on microfilm.
Print Newspapers

We carry the print versions of the Orlando Sentinel, the Wall Street Journal, Daily Commercial, and US Today. Back issues up to 3 months are stored and available for browsing in our Local History Room. Just ask a library staff member to assist you!

Newspapers on Microfilm

NewspaperDates Available
Eustis Lake Region News1884-1912; 1913-1914; 1915-1928; 1929-1930; September 5, 1930-August 26, 1932; September 2, 1932-December 26, 1957; 1973-2001; January 3, 2002-December 25, 2003; January 1, 2004-May 26, 2006.

(Other Eustis Lake Region News Rolls)
January- December;1965;1966;1967;1968;1969;
Daily Lake Region1924 July- December; 1925 January-June; 1925 July- December; 1926 January- June; 1926 July-December
Eustis Lake Region1934-1935; 1939; 1940 January 4- December 26; 1941 January 2- December 25; January 1, 1942-December 1943; 1945; 1944;1946
Assorted Periodicals:Daily Lake Region
Eustis Daily News
Eustis Florida Pictorial
Eustis Rotary Grams
Florida New Yorker
Fountain Inn Pictorial News
Sand Spur
Clermont Press
Groveland Graphic
Lake County Citizen
Lake County Fair
Lake County Independent
Lake County Sentinel
Leesburg Ledger
Southern Industry
Tavares Citizen
Tavares Herald
Tavares Times
Umatilla Tribune

Newspaper Index

Daily Lake RegionJan. 21, Feb. 21, and March 24, 1925
Eustis Daily News
Dec. 12, 1913
Eustis Lake RegionOct. 23 and Dec. 11, 1884; June 4, 1885; Oct. 7, 1886 (portions reprinted in Jul. 22, 1915 issue); Nov. 3, Nov. 10, Nov. 17, Nov. 24, Dec. 1, Dec. 8, Dec. 15, Dec. 22, and Dec. 29, 1887; Jan. 5, Jan. 12, Jan. 19, Jan. 26, Feb.2, Feb. 9, Feb. 16, Feb. 23, Mar. 1, Mar. 8, Mar. 22, Mar. 29, Apr. 5, Apr. 12, Apr. 19, Apr. 26, May 3, May 10, May 17, May 24, May 31, Jun. 7, Jun. 14, Jun.21, Jun. 28, Jul. 5, Jul. 12, Jul. 19, July 26, Aug. 2, Aug. 9, Aug. 16, Aug. 23, Aug. 30, Sep. 6, Sep. 13, Sep. 20, Sep. 27, and Dec 20,1888; Apr. 18, 1889; May 22, 1890; Feb. 19, 1891; May 31, 1894; Mar. 2, 1896; Aug 4 (partial), and Nov. 3,1898; Mr. 30, Apr. 27, May, 4, and Sep. 7, 1899; Mar. 28, 1913; Feb. 20, Dec, Dec. 10, and Dec. 24, 1914; Jan. 28, Jul. 22, Sep. 16, and Dec. 2 (partial), 1915; Mar. 15, 1921; Mar. 22, 1923; May 13, 1927; Jan. 6, May 1, and Nov. 23,1928; Nov. 15 (partial), 1929; May 8, 1931; Nov. 30, 1934
Eustis Lake Region News Nov. 3, 1949; Jan. 27, 1955; Jan. 17 (partial) and Nov. 21 (partial), 1957; Sep. 4, 1958; Feb. 4 (partial), 1960
Eustis RotarygramsMar. 15, 1934
Florida New YorkerDec. 1876; Feb. 8, 1884
Lake County CitizenNov. 4 (partial), 1927
Lake RegionDec. 9, 1941
Southern IndustryMay 14, 1904
Semi-Tropical Feb. 18, Feb. 25, Jul.1, Sep. 16, and Oct. 14 (partial), 1882; Feb. 28 (partial) and Sep. 19. 1887; Jan. 15 and Nov. 12 (partial) 1887

The Library owns photocopies of these issues. State, national, and international news stories are not included in this index.

Yearbook Holdings

Curtright Vocational High School, Eustis Vocational High School Bates Avenue High School



Eustis High School

1940 (2 copies)



1943 (2 copies)






1959 (3 copies)

1960 (2 copies)

1961 (2 copies)

1962 (3 copies)



1967 (2 copies)

1969 (2 copies)

1978 (2 copies)

1979 (2 copies)


1981 (2 copies)

1982 (2 copies)

1983 (2 copies)

1984 (2 copies)

1985 (2 copies)

1986 (3 copies)

1987 (2 copies)




1991 (3 copies)

1992 (2 copies)

1993 (2 copies)

1994 (2 copies)

1995 (2 copies)

1996 (2 copies)









2007 (2 copies)

2008 (2 copies)




Eustis Middle School




2000 (2 copies)


2002 (2 copies)



Tavares Middle School



Funeral Programs of African American Citizens of Eustis, Florida
From the personal collections of private citizens, this collection consists of photocopies of the funeral programs of African American citizens of Eustis. These programs contain a variety of information, which may include portraits, genealogies and biographical sketches. Please contact the Eustis Memorial Library if you have program(s) to add to the collection.
Eustis Site Survey
This resource consists of a site survey of houses within Eustis City limits built before 1940. The site survey was completed in March 1992. The basic file consists of a file folder for each address included in the survey which contains at a minimum a Historical Structure Form. Some files have been supplemented with additional information about the building, such as ownership, newer color photos, and newspaper articles about the building or people connected to the building. Files are organized by street address.
City Directories for Eustis
1924-25, 1926-27, 1947-48, 1955, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1968-1970, 1972-1994, 1996-2012
Databases and Repositories
AncestryAncestry - Library Edition
In house use only. Discover your unique family history! This resource includes billions of records from around the world, including from U.S., U.K., and Canadian census and vital records, immigration and passport records, periodicals and books, photos, and more.
Florida on Florida Digital CollectionsFlorida on Florida
Florida On Florida is a catalog of digital materials related to Florida’s history, culture and environment. It includes all sorts of items including maps, photographs, postcards, books, and manuscripts. The materials in Florida on Florida come from digital collections held by libraries, archives, museums and historical societies throughout Florida.
Florida Historical Resources for KidsKids - Historical Resources
Learn about Florida's cultures, settlement, and facts about our great state. This site can provide you with knowledge to help with your Florida projects and assignments. You can learn about Florida's people from 12,000 years ago to the present, people of all cultures who have made our state their home. You can also find out Florida's state symbols like the state bird or the state song.
Florida Memory ProjectFlorida Memory
Florida Memory is a digital outreach program providing free online access to select archival resources from collections housed in the State Library and Archives of Florida. Florida Memory digitizes materials that illuminate the state's history and culture.
Gale US History Research Database

US History Collection
As any historian will state, the study of history is as much about the present as the past: to that end, this collection provides well-rounded coverage of both the current thinking and events in US History, as well as scholarly work being established in the field. This compilation of journals provides robust and balanced coverage of this field, useful both to the novice historian as well as to the advanced academic researcher.

Historical Photographs on Flickr

Alice-McClelland-Memorial-BandshellThe Eustis Memorial Library Picture Archive is a collection of historical photographs of places and events in and around Eustis, Florida. The majority of the pictures were donated to the library by individuals and local organizations. We encourage the public to view the albums and comment and/or add tags to the pictures.